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September 28, 2007
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B-14-44. a bathtub love story by barbarasobczynska B-14-44. a bathtub love story by barbarasobczynska
This is how I imagine B-14-44 to look like.

You know, encouraged by the utterly gorgeous :iconernestabacus:, primarily I wanted to write a short story in English, a tragic love story between a humble random bacterium and a human taking place in a bathtub , of course before actual writing it i obviously imagined it to be a heart-touching love story, both romantic and tragic, but as I started actually writing it I noticed my knowledge of English - even though it's rather enough for writing short comments or something- is definitely far too imperfect to try to write a short story:blush:.

so - not to try to play an-English-language writer - I decided to submit it simply as an illustration with my clumsy short story put under the picture just as an artist's comment, I hope at least some of the most patient of you may read it:fingerscrossed: so here I go:

B-14-44. a bathtub love story

We have always lived here , in the white land, all formed in endless rows of regular hills and valleys.
None of us ever got to know how far the land is spread, because each of our kind lives thirty minutes at most, so we can never make it in one lifetime to go behind the millions of distant hills and valleys and see if there is something behind the white land.

Some of us claim however that on bright times one can see a misty shape of an enormous crystalline wall at the edges of the world, and that it is behind the wall where the giant comes from, once for every forty eight generations, as they say. Along with the giant there always comes a poisonous flood, and even though it destroys many of ours, each of us dreams deeply so that the coming of the giant would happen during their life.

It is said a flood always begins unexpectedly with enormous drops of water suddenly beginning to fall on our lands, and every one of them is so huge that they simply get stuck between the tops of our hills and never reach the bottoms of our valleys, so after a few first minutes of a downpour all our land is covered with a thick translucent parasol of water and some poisonous substance, yet those of us who stay deep in the valleys tend to survive safe there beneath the shimmering liquid covering.
The flood and the giant always come together, so we assume there must be some connection between them, for just before the flood begins we always hear the powerful beat of the giant's steps. We still don't know why he visits us, with such mysterious regularity, but from beneath the water, from the depths of our valleys, those of us who happen to stay alive during a flood we eagerly drink the fascinating sight of the strange impressive creature above.

There are other tribes that inhabit the white land as well, and as far as we know they all await the comings of the giant with an excitement similar to ours, and are also all at once enamoured scared and fascinated by the mysterious great being.

It is believed sometimes the giant sings, and the sounds of his singing fall mildly onto our land, surely distorted by the water they're going through before reaching us, still they manage to shake our land powerfully, like a huge mighty foghorn or howling of some ancient dragon.
It has been reported by our ancestors, the giant sings either of "blue suede shoes" or "strangers in the night" or "streets of philadelphia", during other comings he seems to be just humming.

We try to guess what the giant is thinking as we look at the huge mysterious body above our wide lands, but none of us all ever tried to make contact with the giant. None until the famous B-14-44-08-71-49-43-96-84 was born, the one who fell in love with the giant.
Nowadays we call it just B-14-44 because everyone knows who the one who loved the giant was.
It is the B-14-44 that I wanted to tell you about before my own life goes to an end and I have to devide into two children of mine like all of our kind do when their time comes.

B-14-44 was born on one of the hills, just around the moment when one of the floods many generations ago, just before a coming of the giant.
It was strange that B-14-44 survived the flood, for everyone else, if it was born on a hill, would die immediately because of the poisonous liquid matter that normally appears in the waters of floods, but strangely - B-14-44 did not die.
It wasn't the only strange fact that happened in B-14-44's life though.
The very first thing it heard was the giant's deep powerful voice, saying murmuringly: "Oh, I've run out of soap".
Even though we basically decrypted the language the giant uses by analizing his singing, but we still don’t know what "soap" means, we suppose however that that the phrase giant used could be a kind of a protecting spell, that made B-14-44 survive the flood.
Just a minute later B-14-44 experienced the warm tender touch of the bottom of the giant’s foot.
Was it the murmuring voice that it heard or was it the touch of the giant, the effect was B-14-44 suddenly felt like it was melting with love, and wanted to be as close as possible to the gigantic ancient creature.
So it caught the foot tightly, determined not to let it go, even though it required a great strength because the giant's movements were incredibly fast and powerful and there was water all around B-14-44.
Then the giant lied back on our lands and all of ours with bated breath were watching the little silhouette of B-14-44 climb heroically at the great heights high above them. All felt it was a historical moment for our kind, and that the B-14-44's affection was going to start something great and memorable, that progenies will still keep repeating many centuries later.
It was a bright beautiful minute, light was gently passing through water, illuminating B-14-44's attempts high up there, as it was climbing consistently upward and upward and finally reached the giant's lips.
All the living ones of our kind saw as it waved at them just before disappearing in the giant’s mouth.
Somewhere deep within them everybody knew what B-14-44 was going to do, it wanted to unite with the giant fully, by being devoured, and then dividing inside of it, still the view of one of us disappearing inside of the giant was immensely thrilling.
Everyone watched it in fearful stillness and silence from the low bottoms of our valleys.
And apparently it all did work, B-14-44 did manage to divide in the depths of the giant and to become a part of it, because as the later generations observed for during the next seven comings of the giant, what equals three hundred thirty six generations of ours, the giant would behave differently, he didn't sing, but instead would make strange sounds like sneezing and coughing, and somehow we knew it was because of the B-14-44 and its progeny, as if he was honouring the memory of the B-14-44 that loved him so much that it decided to become a part of him.
This is how B-14-44 as the very first of us affected the life of the great white giant.
Unfortunately my life is slowly going to the end, so it time for me to thank you all for reading my words, be aware please it was the very first time when B-14-44's story was told in a language of the giant.

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jennymajeske Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011   Traditional Artist
enchanting story and painting!
ablueskyday Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2010
your picture and story are gorgeous... and your english fantastic! :)
nanajiloh Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2009   Photographer
Oh that is so fantastic! The whole story and the drawing... In the end, it went really funny! I loved it!
mrs-jessicat Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
barbarasobczynska Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2008  Professional General Artist
charonferryman Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2008  Student Photographer
Remarkable how you can feel yourself into the smallest of things and give it a happy, funny and slightly wicked story :D

I'd love to hear this told or see it acted out.
the-Forgotten-dead Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2008
You really under rate your abilities. Your drawings are beautiful and look proffesional and your writing is superb. You don't need to be worried about how things come out.
the-Forgotten-dead Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2008
I'm just telling the truth. you have a gift don't be afriad to show it.
barbarasobczynska Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2008  Professional General Artist
why thank you so much:smooch:
LeeAnneKortus Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
a wonderful artwork and a delightful story!!
very imaginative and well told!
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